Dear Applicant (re: becoming a Reader on our sites)


Welcome to

Thank you for taking the time to apply as a Reader for our family of Psychic & Spiritual sites owned and operated by: Jayson Lynn.Net Inc

Good Ethical Practices are our # 1 priority!

What We Are Looking For in a Reader:

Willing to give Readings via:

  • Online Live Chat- MANDATORY!
  • Live Phone (optional)
  • Email (optional)
  • Video Chat (optional)
  • SMS Texting (optional)

Willingness to promote themselves & our site(s) through:

  • BLOGGING (Blogging is Mandatory)
  • Article Writing (optional)

We look for all forms of divination including (but not limited to):

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Tarot/Cartomancy
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Mediumship
  • Palmistry
  • Reiki
  • Life Coaching
  • + other Metaphysical attributes

Additional Requirements + some "legalize":

All applicants will be tested by giving live Readings to some of our clients- via Chat

Applicants must provide a quality photo of themselves + a bio/profile for use on our website(s) {both can be sent after being hired}.

All of our Readers are required to work a minimum 20 hours per week, but are free to log on as many hours as desired. NOTE: We do not put our Readers on a schedule- except for "Wee hrs" (this will be explained in more details later)

Readers who are "hired" will be on "probation" for a minimum of 6 weeks doing actual client readings (with pay). Should any complaints arise from any of our clients during the probationary period termination will then be decided by the Site Admin- on an individual basis

NOTE: As an "IC" you will be responsible for filing and making all required tax payments that are required by your jurisdiction and/or country. We will furnish all U.S. residents with 1099s at the end of each year.

Commissions earned are paid by Transferwise to your Transferwise account or local bank, otherwise we can pay you via Payoneer.

Applicants MUST be fluent in English (grammar and spelling accuracy are taken into consideration at the time of reviewing your application, which includes any resume and/or bio you submit)

Technical requirements

You must have the following

  • Minimum typing speed of 50 wpm accurately.
  • Basic knowledge of your Computer + any other devices used for our site(s).
  • Reliable, high speed internet access.
  • The latest version of your O/S and/or browsers used. As well as other programs necessary to operate as a Reader on our sites {such as:Flash or Java {WE WILL GUIDE YOU ON ALL OF THIS!}
  • A new & "dedicated" email address- for use solely on our site(s).
    Why is this required?
    Note: If hired you will receive many continuous emails generated from our site(s) & we don't want to clog your personal email account.
  • We operate our sites with strict protocols - you will be given the opportunity to review them all once we have approved your application & before you start the testing process.

Personal Data

Note: All questions below are required to be answered- ANY blank fields will automatically constitute rejection of your Application



Please answer the following Qs (to the best of your ability):



PLEASE TELL US THE COMPANY NAMES (List all please) WITH THE NAME THE CLIENTS KNEW YOU AS: examples: [format= Company\Your name] which means enter your info like this: TarotQuest"Stargazer", Psychicfair"Suzie" etc.


(You may enter links to your writings on the web- if applicable)

(It's how the Admin communicates with the Readers)



Please answer the following Qs (to the best of your ability):



Based on your experience we'd like to hear about your thoughts  as well as about your technique in handling the following: (choose the ONE OPTION that best suits you)

Reading Scenario #1

A client enters your chat and you feel extreme negativity around them- in fact they tell you they feel they have "curse" on them

Do you:

A) Tell them you can not Read for them at this time and end the session (nicely of course)

B) Offer to remove the curse for them

C) Encourage them to think positively about themselves and proceed to give them their Reading

D) Encourage them to burn candles- or to have you do it for them

E) Keep them in the Reading until you feel they have "calmed down" enough to continue

F) Pause the timer until you and/or the client feels "grounded" enough to continue + you feel they are ready to hear your advice/Reading

G) "Sugar coat" the Reading in order to "keep them happy & coming back to you for another Reading

H) None of the above

In which case please describe how you would do the Reading (remember it's a "new client")

Reading Scenario #2

A new client enters your room or calls your extension for a session with you (choose the ONE OPTION that best suits you)

Would you:

A) Ask as many Qs as you can to get a "feel" for whats on their mind or whats going on around or with them

B) Keep "what you know" to near the end of the Reading before telling them what you're picking up on

C) Tell them your "first intuition" right off the bat & then proceed to further address the issues they have come to discuss with you

D) First ask them whats on their mind and take it from there

E) None of the above

In which case please describe how you would do the Reading (remember it's a "new client")


Your Computer / Internet / Technical Information

Number of years

If Windows, what version

Your Other Qualifications

  Are you uploading your GOVT. ISSUED Photo I.D.? if NOT your application will be rejected